Stuck inside together

Six weeks had passed since the stay at home order had been put into place, and what was supposed to have been a one week sleepover turned into an almost two month invasion of personal space. Her one bedroom apartment was not big enough to escape the everlasting feeling of being on top of one … Continue reading Stuck inside together

Fantasy Football Roundup: 200 on a bye week

Hello folks, the time is winding down and there are only two more games left in a season which, to be honest, was just as worthless as the Lions. We won some games, and we lost some. One of us rose from the ashes that was the bottom of the league, and others (me), fell … Continue reading Fantasy Football Roundup: 200 on a bye week

Fantasy Football Roundup: Dust in the Wind

Insert the .gif of George Michael from Arrested Development walking with his head down. This season did not, at all go according to plan. In some ways you could say that I'm the Bob Quinn of this league. Had one promising year, and sub-par the follow seasons. I should have trusted my gut and subbed … Continue reading Fantasy Football Roundup: Dust in the Wind

Office Christmas Partying

They all stood around. There was an awkward silence that filled the room. Nobody was really sure of what to say or do other than drink the beer/wine that they were provided. Mostly because no one in the office ever actually talked/hung out outside of work. Finally, the CEO walked up to the little stage … Continue reading Office Christmas Partying