Sauna Etiquette

There aren’t many things that I take issues with in this world, mainly from the fact that I tend to not let things bother me. But there is one thing that I just cannot seem to let go of, and that’s how to properly enter and exit the sauna/steam room.

This may be a difficult concept to grasp for some, but for others, it’s super simple. So let me break it down for you.

Step 1: You open the door just enough to where you can get in or out without letting any of the heat escape. OR, if you do accidentally open the door too far, shut it immediately upon entrance or exit.

That’s it. Why that is so difficult for some people to understand is truly beyond me.

You aren’t Kenny Powers walking into Jefferson Middle School. You don’t need to swing the door all the way open. You’re letting all the heat out, and ruining my sweat.

If you do this, stop. You’re a trash human-being, and should be banished from using the hot box for all eternity.

“But Javier, doesn’t the cool air feel good?”

Yeah, it does, but if I wanted to cool down, I’d go stand outside, or hop in a cool shower. I want to be profusely sweating and uncomfortably hot. That’s what the sauna is for.

And if you’re gonna listen to music, keep to respectable volume. I don’t want to listen to Gary V tell me I’m a failure because I don’t get up at 4 am everyday and read a book, or whatever trash you listen to. I’m there to get lost in my thoughts, and sweat out the demons.

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