Snow Day

Last week the entire Midwest was engulfed in what we called the “Polar Vortex”. We reached record lows in temperatures, some reaching as low as 30-below. College campuses on down to daycare centers were all closed, that is, unless you’re Adrian College. They wouldn’t close even while the apocalypse was going on and the Kingdom of God was at hand. But I digress.

Like most other adults out in the workforce, had the misfortune of making the trek to work. This left me sitting at my desk, staring out the window while reminiscing on the good ole days.

Snow day’s were the best, truly. We all huddled around the TV watching. The anxiety of not knowing whether your school was going to close tormented our very existence. The excitement of seeing your school pop up on the screen, cheering as if our country had just won the World Cup.

We would hug each other, sobbing because we were so happy. We drenched each other with water, elated that we got a much needed mid-week break from sitting in a classroom staring mindlessly at a white board.

Then the day itself would happen. You didn’t have to wake up early, you could lay around all day in your pajamas without a care in the world. You’d eventually make your way outside to enjoy the snow that gifted you the day off.

If you had a hill, you’d take your sled out and build a ramp that you would eventually flatten because it wasn’t strong enough to send you flying. Or you’d build a snowman, but instead of coal and carrot for eyes and a now, you would bits of asphalt from the driveway and twigs that you found. After a couple hours, you’d head back inside to warm yourself back up.

As the day drew to an end, you’d race around the house doing all the chores that your parents had left you for the day. You sweep the kitchen, wash the dishes, vacuum the living room, scrub the bathtub, dust your furniture, and thaw the chicken that should have been out and ready to cook hours ago, all while mom was 15 minutes from the house.

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