The Science Fair

“Frustrating, draining, tedious…”

These were stressful times the science fair. Every kid had to come up with an experiment, conduct said experiment, and then write a five page report about what you learned. This separated the MIT scholar from the kid that didn’t care all too much.

Usually around this time of year, the science fair created a lot of headache. Kids and parents (mostly parents) would be up all hours of the night pounding black coffee and losing sleep, trying to get their kid to do research, write the reports, take pictures, and most important of all, design the god forsaken backboard.

Not only was it stressful for the kids because we were running on strict deadline at ages 7-13, but for the parents who seemingly did everything the science teacher was requiring.

Most kids kept it simple. I myself, once tested if jumping rope could increase your speed. Turns out, it shaved a second off my 40. The dash, not the malt liquor…. C’mon, you were thinking it too.

My older sister, tested which pop decayed your teeth the most. Apparently, Coca-Cola is really bad for your teeth.

Other kids, like the kid from above, thought they were so smart and tried to actually teach us something by doing molecular science and quantum physics. There’s no way you were at home splitting the atom for your third grade science fair project. Or figuring out a way to pave roads by only using recycled plastic.

Nobody’s doin’ that. Not even coll-, maybe college students, but elementary/middle school kids aren’t doing that. Parents maybe…

Now, I’m not accusing every kid who was clearly smarter than myself, of having their parents do everything for them, but let’s be real for like a second. You know you weren’t doing that shit on your own.

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