Thank You

Alright, we’re switching gears here.

Throughout most of my formative years (6-12 years old), I was always a little bit of a huskier kid.

I ate a lot, but what growing kid didn’t? A plate a food was placed in front of me, gone in a matter of seconds.

I was in many different sports from soccer, to basketball, I was apart of the running club at school, so I was by no means lazy. I just hadn’t fully grown into my body yet.

There are things that have always stuck with me and motivated me to do what I do today. The things I post on my Instagram story isn’t to show off what I have, but to remind myself and those that knew me back 10-15 years ago, where I’ve come from.

When I was 11, I had a soccer coach call me slow. He said, “If I put you in a race with a grandma, I’d bet on the old lady to win.”

I cried.

I don’t fault him though, I wasn’t the fastest, or the quickest kid out there, but I showed up every day ready to work.

So I got faster.

In high school, I would wear cut off shirts because I like them. I had another coach call me “number 2” because my arms looked like pencils they were so skinny.

So I got “bigger”.

In college a gained 27 pounds freshman year. Over the course of the next few years, my own sisters would pinch my sides while laughing.

So I lost those 27 pounds and more throughout the course of my college career.

I took all of this to heart and still carry it with me, not because I like surrounding myself with the negativity, but because it’s what motivates me to work as hard as I do. I may not be where I want, but would like to thank everyone for getting me where I am.

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