Work Day Chronicles

The hands on the clock cannot move fast enough.

5 minutes…

10 minutes…

15 minutes…

He sits idle staring at his dual monitor work computer. On one screen, the local newspaper website is open. Scrolling mindlessly through the headlines trying to find something interesting to read to pass the time.

“Read that… Yawn… A new restaurant I’ll never go to… Oh look, someone’s complaining about the Lions off-season again..”

On the other are the available phone lines where 20+ people sit idle. He groans and goes back to the newspaper.

20 minutes…

*phone rings inside headset*

“Oh thank god..”

*voicemail plays*

Throwing his head back in despair, “Hi, I’m just calling for your appointment today at 10:30. Looks like we are just a tad bit early, we’ll trying reaching back out in about the next 10-15 minutes, hopefully we can reach you then. Thanks, have a good day.”

*eye roll*

“Guess nobody wants my help today.”

He looks out of the third floor window where his desk sits facing the main road. A blanket of snow covers the ground from the previous night. He scrolls through his Instagram discover on the nature tab looking at all the cabins/campsites he longed to be at.

With new camping gear that needed to be broken in, he looked into campgrounds for some summer travel.

“Been there. This place was alright. Th at one’s pretty meh….”

He then came across camping in the Porcupine Mountains. He had pitched the idea in the family group text, but he didn’t get the response he was hoping for.

His family had taken a few trips to the UP two of the last three summers. While hitting the falls, and seeing Pictured Rocks were all good and well, he really wanted to switch things up a bit.

The closest he’s been to the mountain range was when he had traveled to Minnesota for a soccer tournament, and circled back through the UP for a little trip with his dad. But that was wayyy back in 2004.

It was a long overdue trip, whether with family or by himself, he didn’t care. He was ready for a new excursion through the UP.

Daydreaming about falling asleep and waking up the calming waves of Lake Superior, hiking through the woods, exploring a part of the state that he calls home, a phone call comes through.

“Hi, how may I help you today?”

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