The Swirly: Did it happen?

To this day nobody truly knows what happened. It’s a lot of he said/he said type thing. So I’ll let you decide who is wrong and who is right in this whole thing.

It was just your average day in Mrs. Thibedeau’s second grade class. And you would think, that things like this don’t often happen in catholic school. We are all saints, right? WRONG.

I’m not entirely sure what happened, or what was even going on, but all of a sudden, Matt Carpenter, a short, scrawny, blonde hair, blue eyed, good ole boy came walking back into class with wet hair.

No one really cared. To be 100% honest, we were all wetting our hair in the bathroom sinks back then, especially to get that sick front spike. You know what I’m talkin’ about. It was the cool thing to do.

When Matt got back into class, the teacher asked, “Why is your hair so wet?”

We all turned and looked at him like, “spit it out.” With all eyes on him he answers, “Keeyon gave me a swirly.”

He went into some story about things that were said, which led to this alleged swirly. None of it really made sense. Keeyon wasn’t the type of kid to do such a thing. He was like the class clown, not a “bully”.

Dumbfounded, we looked around to try and locate Keeyon. It was then, that he came strolling through the door. Eyes shot in his direction and he stopped in his tracks. Mrs. Thibedeau scurried over to him and ask him why he would do such a thing.

Bewildered, he looked as her as if she has was speaking a foreign language.

“I didn’t?” he answered.

“Well then why is his hair so wet?” she retorted, pointing at Matt.

“I have no idea what you talkin’ bout.”

Mrs. Thibedeau, not having ANY of it, went over to her desk, grabbed a Gold Slip from one of her drawers, and sent Keeyon to the office to explain to Mrs. Slattery what he had done.

I know, there are some details missing, mostly from the fact that we will never truly know what transpired that day in the restroom. But from what we know, do you feel like Keeyon did what Matt said he had done?

In my eyes, Keeyon only got in trouble because Matt said that’s what happened. Myself and my friends on the other hand, are of the belief that Matt either dunked his own head, or he tried styling his hair and didn’t want to get in trouble for taking so long in the restroom.

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