Left Behind

I was always the first one to be ready to go every morning for school. School didn’t start until 8:30 every morning, so it’s not like I had to be up ridiculously early like most other kids. I could get up at 8, get dressed, brush my teeth, gel my hair rock solid, eat a bowl of cereal, be out the door and in the car by 8:10.

Also, the school dresscode mandated that we wear blue khakis and either a red, white, or navy blue shirt. So it’s not like I was headed to fashion week in Madrid.

I’m not entirely sure why this particular morning was different from any other morning. Maybe I was just tired of waiting on everyone else and wanted them to wait on me for a change. It truly hard to say.

I got lost in whatever it was that I was doing, I noticed everyone had ventured out the door. I still hadn’t put my socks on, so I ran to my room, threw on my hoodie, opened the door in my dresser, grabbed my socks, and ran back to the door.

As i unfolded the socks, and put one on my right foot, I looked out the window and saw my mother backing the car down the driveway.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…” I thought.

At this point, any kid would have thought, “well, looks like I have the day off.” And to tell you the truth, I would have normally said screw it and plopped down on the couch watching cartoons. But not this day.

No, on this particular fall day, I tied my shoes, grabbed my back pack and started walking.

Ibegan my journey walking down my street to the main road, turned left to walk 50 yards to the next street over,  thinking I was going to take same route my mom would drive to get us to school.

I didnt get very far. I realize now, I should have ridden my bike to school, becuase I would have made way better time. I barely made ita quarter mile from home before my mom had circled back to pick me up. She turned around in someones driveway and unlocked the door. Not happy that I was out and about without any supervision.

“Did you really think you were going to walk to school?” she asked.

“Uhhh… you left me,” I replied, “what else did you want me to do?”

“Did you think I wasn’t going to come back?”


She asked me which route I had planned on taking and I was honest that I was going to take the same one that she normal drove.

“Next time, just wait for me to come back.”

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