Gym Buffoonery

We’ve all seen those videos of someone at the gym, trying to show off only for it to end poorly, or doing something completely out of the ordinary and trying to pass it off as a normal exercise.

We get it, you can do a back flip while holding kettlebells. So cool brah.

Every day that we continue to allow this to happen, we stray further away from our Lord and savior, Arnold’s light.

I truly do applaud people for getting in the gym and doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Go get you some. They’re on the right track for bettering themselves.

However, what I do not endorse are the people in there messing around while someone films it.

Like this:

Or this…

No boo boo, what is you doin’?

While I definitely got a good laugh from the shenanigans that I watched, but I also couldn’t help to think about how dumb these people look. Like come on, this is not necessary. If you’re not there to workout, then what’s the point? To get a few laughs on social media, and hope you go viral?

Well congrats, you did. Fell better?

Those are the people that should not be allowed to set foot in a gym ever again. I will not stand for this buffoonery.

I do like to have have fun at the gym. I bust a move from time to time, I head bang to  music that’s worsening my already poor hearing. But there is a time and place, and the gym is no place to act a fool.

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