A Child’s Innocence

There’s a story from my childhood that I’ve always enjoyed. It’s one of a child’s innocence and naivety towards what makes a snack.

Now, growing up, my mother did everything in her power to keep us healthy and active. We rarely had candy, pop, or sweets in our house. And looking back on it, it was probably for the best. Most of our meals involved veggies, and regardless of whether or not we liked it, we always ended up eating it. No matter how long it took us.

The story, or so I’ve been told goes as follows:

One night, my parents were out and my aunt was watching us. We weren’t the type of kids to back talk, or fight getting ready for bed, so for the most part we did what we were told.

It was almost bed time and my aunt told me that if I wanted a snack beforehand, I could. She told me we had cookies, and c’mon, who doesn’t love a good cookie? Apparently I didn’t.

I looked up at my aunt, with my big brown eyes and said, “those aren’t snacks.. cauliflower and broccoli are snacks!”

And so that’s what I ate before going to bed.

At no point in the years after that happening was I about to eat raw cauliflower or broccoli over a cookie. Mostly because I was a chunk, but that’s beside the point.

No, it’s not funny in the sense that I said was gut busting hilarious. But the fact that a child, turned up his nose at the chance of eating cookies before bed in favor of having cauliflower and broccoli is somewhat bewildering.

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