Car Sex

They’d been on and off dating since they left for school. Every so often when they were both back in town, the gravitational pull seemed to pull them in each others direction. They were inseparable now, as they were then. But all that time together had really started to play mind games on her.

For him, she was someone he could be his true self around, but wasn’t sure if he was ready to take that relationship that was so deep rooted in friendship to the next level. For her, she wasn’t sure what to think. She could never “figure him out”. He always brush the idea of a relationship off when it came up as a topic of conversation.

He hit her up since they were home, knowing that she couldn’t say no to him even if she wanted to. They went to see the latest Avengers, even though she wasn’t into the whole “superhero movie thing”, as she likes to say. Just as long as she could spend time with him, she was fine.

After the movie had ended, they sat in the dimly lit parking lot talking about how things were going, and what plans were post graduation. Most of the people had left and the only cars still there were the employees who had to stay and clean, and the security guy who was just kind of hanging out.

Bobby turned to Jess and out of the blue asked her if she wanted to, you know, hook-up.

“Are you serious?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he nodded.

He didn’t see anything wrong with it, they couldn’t go home, not with their parents still  there. Sure they were considered “adults” in the eyes of the law, but to their parents, they were still little “innocent” children. So what other choice did they have?

“Jess, c’mon. It’ll be like old times.”

“You really want to do it right now. In your car?” she asked sarcastically.

They in fact had done this numerous times prior, but that was when they were in high school. Since going away to college and having a dorm rooms, it all just seemed a little juvenile to her. Because, well, it was.

She looked in the backseat, and it was covered in empty water bottles, Bang Energy, and last weeks Taco Bell wrappers. Without hesitation she said, “No. Absolutely not..”

“Jess, it’s not that bad. All we have to do just move some things around, it’ll be fine.” Bobby pleaded, “Please. Just one more time. For me.”

“I said no, Bobby.”

Down, but not out, Bobby threw it in drive and went to drop her off.

It was a silent ride for the most part. Bobby could tell that she was contemplating the pros and cons of the whole thing. She wanted him to make things official for once, but knew that it would be tough since they were at different schools.

As he came to stop at a flashing red, she said “fuck it” and told him to take a right. Without even trying to hide the smile on his face, he turned on his blinker. He knew where she was taking him.

It was side street with very few street lights and a dark cul de sac. He parked the car out of the line of sight from the road. It was quiet, just how they remembered it. He turned the car off and they cleared off the backseat.

“I swear to God Bobby if we get caught, I will murder you.” She said as they crawled back one by one and settled in. He looked down at her and said, “just like old times, huh?”

She laughed it off and replied, “Shut up.”

Just as things started progressing, bright lights shone throughout out the car, and their was a knock on the window.

“Get dressed and please exit the vehicle. Now.” It was the cops.

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