Work Day Chronicles: March Madness

There were no TVs at his office, other than the one in the lunch room which was two floors below him. And his work computer had blocked live streaming because that one time he was watching the Lions play their Monday Night game when he was supposed to be working.

It was his late night, so there was no going home to watch all of the days games from the comfort of his couch in his baggy sweats and his favorite Michigan crew neck. But unfortunately, it was completely impossible for him to call the rest of the day off.

The alternative? His cellphone. Thanks to DirecTV NOW, as long as he had WiFi he could watch his programs anywhere, at anytime. That was #NotSpon by the way. But if you’re looking to #spon this blog, let a player know specifically via LinkedIn.

He went right to CBS where Minnesota was taking on Louisville. “This ought to be a good one. Go Gophers.”

Being that he was in the middle of Big Ten country, he often found himself rooting for other Big Ten school when it came to non-conference games. That being said he was mentally donning his maroon and gold, and internally shouting “SKI-U-MAH” with every Gopher basket.

*phone rings*


Fumbling his phone trying to turn the volume down without having to lock his phone, he managed to answer the call before it bounced. He did his best to multitask, but found it difficult to maintain focus with some game on so he decided to shut it down all together.

As the session neared its end, he opened the app back up to see the Gophers were putting the finishing touches on their first round win, and the MSU Spartans getting ready to take on Bradley.

“Who even is Bradley?” he thought. “Sounds like a school for a bunch of trust fund bros that wear only Vineyard Vine, Patagonia, and Brooks Brothers. Their brother school must be University of Chad.”

He started to laugh at his own joke, then realized there was no one else around to laugh with him because they were either working from home, or had gone home for the day.

The game was back and forth as it neared his time to go to lunch, and he found himself cheering for Bradley down the stretch. He would give a soft fist pump with every shot that Bradley made, but the Spartans were too much.


A text came through from his mother letting him know that MSU was about to win.

“Yea, yea, yea.. I was watching” he texted back.

“Well, at least you’ll get off in time to watch the Michigan game.” She answered.

“I hope so, I’d really prefer not to cause a scene here at work if it’s a close game.”

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