First Date: Part 1

So you swiped right, now what? Does she have to message you first? Let’s say she does. You message back and forth. You get her to laugh at a few of your jokes. A few days go by, then she gives you her number because she doesn’t really go on there that much. You save her number with just her first name, because you don’t know her last name.

You’re out with your parents, they offer up an opportunity to do something. But you need a companion. So your wheels start to turn. Your first thought was to take your sister, but she says you should ask someone else first. You then remember who you’re texting, so you figure why not.

Now, you can do that traditional meet up at a bar, which does help break the ice at times, because drink as flowing and you’re both in your element. Or, you can go out on a limb and invite that person to… I don’t know, a basketball game, where you can have just enough interaction but neither side is overbearing.

So you ask, “I just got tickets to this game, do you want to go with me?”

Neither of you had watched much basketball this season, but since the tickets were free courtesy of your parents, she figured why not and said yes. Besides, should things take a turn for the worst, she could easily back out say something was wrong with her dog.

So it begins, the nerve-wracking 48 hour preparation you give yourself so your don’t screw things up. Shoot, it’s not every day you skip the gym to go on a date with someone.

Meet up? Okay, where?

Chili’s? Sounds great.

What time? 7:15-ish? Perfect.

You get out of work at 6, but you have some things to take care of beforehand. After you’re done, you run home to get changed. As you head out you become just a tad bit nervous.  She’s already there even though she told you she was running late. As you’re walking up to the door, you see her, though you’re not really sure if it’s her, until you hear her say, “actually, there he is.”

The hostess asks how many, then tells you there’s a bit of a wait. But the bar was available if we could find a spot. Luckily there were two seats open, so you opt for the bar and thank the hostess.

There you sit. You started off with the generic questions about one another, the jokes and laughs began. The bartender interrupts asks if you wanted anything to drink, she orders a Bells Two Hearted, and you get an iced tea because you have a thing about not drinking during the work week, which she understands.

You’re handed menus and you contemplate food, but you’re having a good time and you forget that you’re hungry. She excuses herself to go to the restroom, and you think to yourself, “This is going pretty well. Is she actually into me? Or is this just a front?”

She gets back and you continue to talking. You look at the time, and look at her. “We should probably go. It’s almost game time…”

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