Work Day Chronicles: Morning Routine

*7:00 am alarm goes off*

He peels his eyes open to his dark room. He grabs his phone off the nightstand to silence it. There weren’t many notifications from the night before, just a final score alert, and a text from his girlfriend saying “good morning.”

He texted her back, and proceeded to open Twitter to see if he missed anything while he was asleep. Nothing.

Closing it and then opening Facebook, he went right to the “On This Day” tab. There were a few posts from a few years ago which were extremely insufferable and wondered why his dad allowed him to have social media at all.

“Yeah, this is getting deleted.”

He checks the time, 7:17 am.

“Let’s get this bread fam….” he said as he rolled out of bed, “Ha haaaa…. I hate myself for that..”

He walks a few steps to the bathroom, flips on the light and looks at himself in the mirror. Eyes still red, with dark circle underneath. He looks like he’d been up all night.

“Oof… someone didn’t get much sleep….”

In fact he hadn’t. There wasn’t a particular reason either. He wasn’t worried, nor was he stressed. Things were actually going well for him. In all honesty, it could be from the fact he goes to the gym too late, and not to the mention pre-workout he consumes beforehand. But, he likes to pretend that that isn’t the case.

*stomach rumbles*

“Let’s see what we have.”

He opens the fridge to see plastic meal prep containers neatly stacked for the different days of the week. Needless to say, there wasn’t much. Except of course, eggs.

“Well, eggs it is.”

He didn’t mind them, in fact, he loved eggs. It’s just, he’s been eating them every morning for the last 6 years. It could be worse. Luckily for him, he added hash browns to his diet, along with turkey bacon to help ease the

He looks at the time, 7:30 am.

He needed to leave in 40 minutes, and he 100% needed coffee. He opens the cupboard to grad the tin of coffee ground and the filter. Eyeballs how much coffee he throws in, fills the tank, and turns her on.

The first few drips hotting the bottom of the glass pot were like music to his ears.

As his food was just finishing, he grabbed a bowl. He looked at the time, 7:45 am. He had to hurry if he wanted to leave on time. He threw his food in a bowl and mixed it all together. His pan, still warm, had the turkey bacon on ready to cook.

With the heat turned up so it would cook faster, smoke started to to fill the kitchen. Then the smoke detector went off.

“Really!?” he heard from around the corner.

“My b.”

“Turn the fan on!”

He rolled his eyes even though it was in fact his bad for setting the smoke detector off, and reluctantly turned on the overhead fan. As he wolfed down his food and poured himself a cup of coffee, took his daily vitamins, he noticed it was getting dangerously close to 8 am.


He threw his bowl in the sink, rinsed it and put it in the dishwasher. With a little more pep in his step, he walked back to his room to get ready.  He set his coffee cup on the tall dresser and completely forgot about it after. It might even still be there, who knows.

Brushing his teeth, doing is hair, barely remembering deodorant, he was quickly getting ready.

“Does this look alright? Eh… I’ve dressed worse.”

From the kitchen he heard, “Oh don’t worry, I’ll wash this pan.”

“I’m sorry, I thought I had done that already.”


Oh well.

“Alright, where’s my badge?” he thought, “Had it on me yesterday when I got home.”

Tearing apart his gym bag to no avail, he scratched his head. Well, he was definitely going to be late. Walking back towards to the kitchen, he noticed it was sitting on the coffee table.

“You idiot..”

8:10 am

Pulling his meal prep lunch out of the refrigerator, slicing up a cucumber, packing it all in his lunch box he was finally ready to leave. And it with his coffee in hand, he opened his door and walked to his truck.

Looking at his watch after placing his bags in the back seat he saw, 8:17 am.



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