First Date Part 2

You get up to leave. She hits the restroom so she doesn’t have to go during the game. You pay the bill, and remote start your car. You’re in the midst of the coldest weather he had ever been in since… well, since ever.

As she got back from the restroom she asks if you’re ready to go. You nod ‘yes’ and brace for the cold. Frozen from the 30 second walk from the door to your truck, you notice that she doesn’t have a winter hat. Since chivalry isn’t dead you decide it was best to offer yours.

“You want mine?” you ask, “I’ll be alright without it.”

“Are you sure?” she questions.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

Playing it off cool, you hand over the hat. You knew for a fact that you would not be okay without it. Your ears are always the first ones to get cold, but five minutes of being frozen would totally be worth it should this somehow workout. She accepted the hat, and you start to think, “I swear to god, if you mess this up….”

On your drive to the arena, she asked what kind of music you like. Begrudgingly, you tell her that you don’t often listen to music. Not because you were trying to be cool, but there wasn’t a lot out there that is you’re in favor of. You prefer classic rock, hard rock, pop rock, some mid-2000s country, but most of all 2000s pop. You know, things he grew up with.

You tried not to bring up the podcasts in fear of sounding pretentious, or like yuppie scum. But somehow, some way, it still worked its way into the conversation.

As neared the arena you didn’t realize that you were in the wrong lane for parking. Since you needed a permit, that you didn’t have, you were forced to park a little further away than you wanted.

Upon parking, you once again had to brace yourself for the bitter cold that you had to track through. “Ready?” you asked.

The wind was brutal. Your facial hair froze with every inhale and exhale.

Your arrival at the street corner was met with a “do not cross”. So you waited for what seemed like an eternity. Bouncing up and down trying to stay warm, you say screw it, and take her into your arms. It was clear neither of you dressed for the weather.

“This is purely for warming purposes, nothing more.” he said looking down at her.

“Yeah, okay, ” she said sarcastically.

You hustled across the street hand in hand, and head for the door.


As the game ended in a sound victory, you got up to leave. After bundling up, you took her hand so you you didn’t lose each other in the throngs of people leaving the game. Still just as cold, you walk to your truck. Nearing the truck, you remote start.

Still the frigid temps made it nearly impossible for it to warm up. Ears frozen, you asked if she minded that you wear the winter hat.

“No, I was just about to offer it back to you.”

Thanking her, you cranked up the heat at high as possible. It took some time to get back to her car in the parking lot of Chili’s, but she didn’t mind because of the warmth in your truck. You were running low on gas, or you would have driven around a little longer. It was alright though, both of you needed to go back.

Dropping her off, she asked if it was okay if she sat in your truck just a little bit longer. Naturally you didn’t care. You were having fun, but as the night neared its end, you knew you’d eventually have to part ways.

As you both drove away, you stopped to get the gas you no desperately needed. As you were filling up, a text came through. It was her. She had asked if you had plans for the upcoming weekend. You told her no and asked what was up.

“Did you want to come to a work party with me possibly?” she asked.

Sitting in disbelief that it didn’t take long to land a second date, you said yes. And in that moment you knew that you were in.

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