First Kiss

He took her by the hand, he wasn’t sure of what to do. He’d never kissed a girl before. It’s not that he hadn’t tried, he had with his previous girlfriend, but every time he went in for the kiss, he was met with a cheek.

But this time, his current girlfriend wanted to.

She sat there on the edge of the stage in the gymnasium. She was wide-eyed, brown hair, and beautiful. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing.”

Everything was wrong. He was so nervous that he had forgotten What he was supposed to do. What if they both bobbed? What if they both weaved? What if their teeth collided? All very real possibilities.

With a crowd gathered round to witness the kiss, the nerves became more and more noticeable. The palms of his hands began sweating. He looked at everyone, and they looked back at him.

One person even said, “Well what are you waiting for? Recess is almost over.”

Each breathe got faster and faster as if he had just finished playing a game of basketball. Little beads of sweat started to form on his forehead.

“Why are you acting so weird?” she asked.

“I’m not, I just…. do they really need to be here for this?” he protested.

He didn’t really care that they were there, he just didn’t want to look like a fool in front of them should things go wrong.

He took a deep breath, and he leaned in.

*whistle blows*

“Middle school! Time to get back to class!” yelled the principle.

Looking up, he saw everyone starting to file out of the gym. He quickly grabbed her face and laid a fat one right on her lips. It lasted for only a few seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. As he backed away, he felt someone grab him by the arm.

“What do you think you are doing?” the principle asked.

Startled, he could only come up with, “Uhhhh…”

“Never mind, come with me.”

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