Dating App Pt. 2

It had been three days since she swiped right on Drew, and still nothing. She tried stalking him on Instagram just to be sure that he was real. But being armed with only a first name, she found her endeavors fruitless.

She even went as far as to taking a screenshot of his profile so she could sent it to her best friend, if that’s what was necessary.

“Seriously, how many Drew’s are there in this city?” she wondered scrolling through endless Instagram profiles of guys named Drew.

Frustrated, she threw her phone down next to her, folded her arms and let out a deep breath.  “Whatever,” she thought “these things are so stupid.”

Rolling her eyes, she thought about scrapping the whole thing. But in her last attempt to try and connect with this guy, she sent the screenshot she had to her friend Katie with a text that just said, “Find him.”

Her phone buzzed, and on her lock screen read a text that said, “Here bitch.”

Stunned that it only took all of 10 minutes for Katie to find this guy, plugged in his handle on “insta” and started stalking.

As she was scrolling through, she realized they had a few mutual follows so it wouldn’t be that weird if she were to follow him. BUT, she didn’t want to be the creepy one. So she went through the story that he had up to make it known that she had been on his page.

After thumbing through all of his social media, she decided to put her phone down and play the waiting game. She wanted him to see that she had viewed his story and have him go to her profile. That’s how she was going to get him to notice her.

After about 15 minutes of going through her apartment and doing some much needed cleaning, she picked her phone back up and saw she had a new follower.


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