Dating App: Drew

Stumbling through the door, Drew gingerly made his way to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water that he had placed in the fridge. Still not having caught his breath, and definitely overheating he opened the refrigerator and just stood in front of it.


“Dude! What are you doing? You’re gonna run up the energy bill.” Tom, his roommate, called out.

“Lay off man, it’s not like you pay for it.”

Walking over to the couch, he sat down and started scrolling through his social media. First checking Facebook to see if any of his family members had made any announcements. Nothing.

As he closed out of that, he went to Twitter to check the score of the baseball game. His team wasn’t good, mostly because they were “rebuilding”, or so they said, he found himself invested enough to check, just not invested enough to watch on TV or at the ballpark.

Finally, after a few liked tweets and a retweet, he check his Instagram. There were a few pics from people he knew in high school, some from people he knew in college, but nothing he really cared about. Checking to see who had seen his story from the previous night, he noticed a person whom he had not seen before.

“Well, well, well. And who might you be, sammytayy?”

As he clicked on her ‘@’, as the kids like to say, he noticed they had a few mutual follows. One of which was his roommate, Tom.

“Hey, come’ere for a sec.”

Tom, wanting to know what was up, but from a far, stayed in his room since it really wasn’t that urgent.

“Who’s this sammytayy chick?”

“Who?” Tom replied as he was walking out to the living room.

“Samantha Taylor? I don’t know, she checked my story and I don’t know who she is.”

Taking his phone, Tom scrolled through her page trying to get a better idea of who she was. Finally it  dawned on him.

“Oooohhhh…. remember she was that chick who we met at that bar on Front St. You were flirting mad hard, but she was dating some dude. I guess she’s not anymore.”

Taking his phone back, Drew scrolled through her page to see if there were any guys in any of the pictures, but there were none. Other than the obligatory Father’s Day and her bother’s birthday.

He turned to ask another question, but Tom had already gone back to his room. Doing another scroll through to 100% sure he didn’t miss anything, he hit the follow button and played the waiting game.

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