Dating App: The Meet Up

They sat there in an awkward silence, neither looking directly at the other. It was a loud and vibrant bar, yet in the time that they were there, it felt as though they were the only ones. The Stanley Cup Final was on and Drew was half watching, half trying to think of something to have meaningful conversation about.

Able to peel his eyes away from the TVs he asked, “Soooo….. how’s work been?”

Glass of wine in hand, Sam realized this was not going to go according to plan. She had built this whole fantasy around meeting this guy after a few days of messaging through Instagram. And he turned out to be a giant dud.

“Oh, works been real great,” she responded sarcastically as she finished off the last remaining drops of Cabernet. “Just bogged down by sooo many clients. They get like, real needy. Let me tell you.”

Drew, looking around the restaurant unsure of how to even respond, came to the realization that she was trying to completely tank this whole thing and apologized for seemingly wasting her evening.

“I truly am sorry. It’s just been so long since I’ve been out with someone, I guess I kind of forgot what it was like.”

Taken aback, she started to feel just a little bit guilty for how she had been acting. Leaning forward, she lowered her voice and explain that is wasn’t all his fault. She had set the bar maybe just a touch too high in her mind, but it was clear that things just weren’t going to work out.

“I’m sorry, but I think we might just need to nip this in the bud right now.” she said, placing her hand on his.

Drew nodded his head in agreement and asked the bartender to cash them out. She thanked him for the drinks, gathered her things and headed for the door. As she was walking away, she heard the bartender say, “tough break.”

“It’s alright, not really my type anyways,” Drew said attempting to save face.

Rolling her eyes in disgust, she pulled out her phone and fired off a tweet that read, “Men are cancelled for the rest of 2019”. Exiting the Twitter app, she opened up the App Store and re-downloaded Bumble.

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