Would You Still Love Me If..

It was a quiet drive on the highway headed north to spend the day at her parents.

She scrolled endlessly through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. In her mindless scroll she came across one of those chain posts that said, “LADIES, ask your man if he would still love you if you were in a coma for three years.. COPY and PASTE and share his response.”

She rolled her eyes and thought, “ugh, that’s so childish..” and continued her scrolling.

As time continued to pass, she began to think about the question. What if something did happen and she were to end up in a coma, would he still love her.

She turned down the music and turned to him, “Babe, would you still love me if I were in a coma for three years?”

“Hey! they were just about to score!”

“You’ll survive. Now answer my question.”

“No,” he said fighting back a smile, “I’d break up with you if you chipped a nail….”

Annoyed that he didn’t actually answer her question, she continued to pry. “I”m serious! Would you still love me if I were in a coma for three years?”

“I mean…. do you have a chance of coming out?”

“That’s not the question…”

“It would be tough, but of course I would.”

She knew he was lying. He would try to get out the second she was asleep.

“You’re an asshole, I hope you know that.” She said.

“For what? I just told you I would!”

She turned away from him, folded her arms and sat in silence. Pulling away from him as he tried to hold her hand, she leaned up against the door.


Frustrated, he continued on, exiting the highway and to her parents house.

As they pulled into the driveway, he put the car in park and they both got out. Her dad came out to greet them.

“How was the trip?”

She sped past him and into the house. He turned to the disheveled boyfriend and asked if everything was ‘OK’.

“Oh yeah, totally fine,” he said sarcastically.

Sensing that things clearly were not ‘OK’, her dad asked, “Want a beer?”

“I’d love one…”

And they headed in.

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