Fantasy Football Roundup: We Blew It


I quit. I’m never playing fantasy football ever again. I’m also not paying, sorry commish. This is hands down the worst two week stretch I think I’ve ever had. Like, you would think that with the way that the Bills are playing that Josh Allen would light up the score board.


But guess who did, Russell Wilson. WHO WAS ON MY BENCH.

Oh, and to top it all off, SAQUON IS OUT FOR 4-6 WEEKS. MAYBE MORE.

Whatever, I don’t even care. Fantasy football is stupid. Why do people of even play? Losers. I’m a loser. because I lose…. again 165.74 to 95.62. I’m done.

Down go the Animals

The Adrian Animals suffered their first loss of this young season 131.86 to 140.22. Danny Goodhead prevailed on the back of Cooper Kupp and the absence of Antonio Brown.

“We f—— blew it…” Coach Howard said in post game interview.

It was a tough game, definitely back and forth, but the Animals just couldn’t make that final push to pull out the win. Adrian looks to bounce back this coming Sunday against the Sanders of Dairy.

Other games of note

I Like Mom More wallops Mixon Kush & OJ 181.56 to 134

Dairy Sanders downs Adolf Oliver Bush 14.66 to 115.40

And finally Serendipity hangs 160.44 to HotChubb TimeMachines 114.04

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