That Time I Played QB

“Alright, listen up!” Coach Cramer said to us. “We’re going to shake things up a bit since we are playing St. Johns…. Danny you’re going to be our wide receiver, and Javy over here, is gonna be the starting quarterback.”

My eyes widened. My whole life, I wanted to be the QB. The one to lead my team to glory, but I never actually thought that it would come true. I had no idea what I was in for.

I looked at coach like, “Seriously!? You’re going to put me… the kid who was afraid to hit/be hit a year ago, in at QB. Against the best team we will face all year…. lol, OK.”

I wish I could say that it all worked out and that we rallied the troops and played a real close game. But that was not the case. And to make matters worse, our starting running back blew out his knee that game. All in all, it was not good. We were massacred.

Like, imagine Little Big Horn, but much much worse.

First play of the game. We huddled up, and thinking we were going to catch them off guard, we called a “go route” to Danny.

He lined up wide right, and off the line of scrimmage because there was a tight end to that side. My got under center, called my cadence.

“BLUE 52!” my voice cracked. “BLUE 52!.. SET…. HUT!”

I dropped back. One, two, three steps. My eyes found Danny, but the St. John Jets found me first. I was hit from my blind side and fumbled on our first possession.

It only go worse from there on out.

I was sacked on every drop back, our running backs were hit behind the line of scrimmage every time. There was zero push up front. Pretty sure we were in the negative in every major statistical category except points by half time. I don’t even think that’s possible, but it happened.

By the end of the first quarter, coach came over to me. he put his hand on my shoulder pad, and told me we were going to make the switch back to Danny being the quarterback.

“Okay,” I said trying to catch my breath. “Sounds good..”

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