Fantasy Football Roundup: No Bueno

This is bad, this is very bad. This is worse than the mauling my middle school football team took at the hands of the St. John Jets. I don’t think I’ve been more embarrassed as an owner of a fantasy team.

My QB’s can’t throw touchdowns, my receivers apparently can’t catch, my running backs are ‘Father Time’ Frank Gore and Carlos Hyding behind his offensive line. The only person I can trust at this point is Gostkowski and he misses extra points… Like what am I supposed to do? It’s only week five so I can’t fire sale just yet, but come on. I cannot catch a break.

I lose again…. 108.70-169.88… Hope you had fun beating up on Little Sister’s of the Poor, Mixon Kush & OJ.

I Like Mom More stays on top

For the third week in a row since getting trounced by yours truly, Golden Taint, I Like Mom More has rolled through his opponent. His latest victim, Seredipity, barely put up a fight. Losing 138.70 to 88.90.

Coach Rosen felt no remorse for dragging his friend and confidant, Mike Licari through the mud. “No emotion. This one was for the soul of the league.”

Earlier this week, Mike tried trading Rashaad Penny to Danny Goodhead for Ezekiel Elliott. This trade was unanimously vetoed by the league for it was not fair.

Rosen now looks to his week 5 match up against Danny Goodhead.

Other Games of Note

AOB downs My Balls Ertz 174.30-123.92

HotChubb TimeMachine scoots past Danny Goodhead 118.40-104.28

adrian Animals were put down by Dairy Sanders 134.40-109.20

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