Fantasy Football Roundup: Put down like Ole Yeller

First off I would like to apologize to the league, this season has clearly not gone the way that we had expected it to. Still time to get back on track, but right now, we are looking towards the future. I’d also like to apologize to my family for bringing such shame and embarrassment on our house.

I’ll keep my head held high and continue to move forward as if Sammy Watkins and Philip Dorsett didn’t just put up some goose eggs. Or that Robert Woods all of a sudden forgot how to catch a ball. Thank god for Chris Godwin and his 31.5 points though. Without him, I’d be in a very very dark place right now.

I lose, because I’m a loser, 125.22 to 190.64.

Serendipity Back on Track

After getting smoked last week by I Like Mom More, Serendipity had a huge bounce back week running through the Our Lady of Misery. It was like watching the Boston Massacre, and Our lady of Misery were the towns people of Boston.

Coach Mike Licari said that he feels as though he has aligned himself with the God’s vision of what he can be. “Mostly I’m just trying to stick it to Rosen (I Like Mom More)..”

“We’ve got the talent, but my coaching is not quite there yet,” said Coach Licari, “… I think we can make it back to the finals.”

Licari might be right, there seems to be no stopping him as his next opponent, My Balls Ertz, may have no shot this Sunday.

Scores from around the league

I Like Mom More escapes Danny Goodhead 156.96-142.04

Mixon Kush & OJ squeak past My balls Ertz 159.72-144.52

HotChubb TimeMachine thrashed by Dairy Sanders 164.76-112.82

Adrian Animals run Adolf Oliver Bush 160.44-114.16



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