Pumpkin Picking

“I don’t want too big of a pumpkin, but it can’t be too small either.” She said, “Like it has to be just right.”

He just looked at her like, “whatever you say.” It was the perfect fall day, the sun was out, and the temperature was in the high-50s. Perfect quarter zip weather, or flannel with a puffy vest. The only issue was, that it was football Sunday and his fantasy lineup wasn’t set just yet.

“It also can’t be lumpy or lopsided…”

He tuned her out with thoughts of who he should start, Russell or Gardener? Dallas Defense, or Green Bay? This is why he can never win a game.

“Helloooo, are you even listening?” she said.

“Yeah, not too big. Not too small. Can’t be lumpy. All that stuff. I get it.”

Rolling her eyes, they pulled up to the pumpkin patch. It was packed. She looked out at all the kids running around, and the parents just sitting there looking lifeless and defeated.

“Ugh… shouldn’t these people be at church or something?”

He turned to look at her almost as if to say, “let’s just get this damn pumpkin..”

As they got out of the car and started walking towards the field, they could smell the freshly made cider donuts. He look at her and asked if he could get some. She obliged, but ONLY if they found the perfect pumpkin for them(him) to carve.

They walked around the patch for what seemed like forever. Every pumpkin he found was turned down because it wasn’t symmetrical enough, or there was one(1) lump that was hardly visible unless you were looking really closely. Until she found it.

“Oh my god, yes!” she said with excitement. “This is the one, babe.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. It looks a little heavy so I’m going to need you to carry it. But before you do, can you snap a few pics of me with it first? My ‘gram hasn’t been updated in a while..”

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