Fantasy Football Roundup: We Back

*insert Kevin Garnett “anything is possible”  soundbite*

It was a long, long, long journey but we did it. We finally won a game. And against the top team in the league to boot. The taste of victory is ever so sweet, I almost forgot what it tasted like, and I’m sure every was hoping it would stay that way.

When the times looked as though they would not get any better, especially after losing by .04 points, to a team that was still starting Antonio Brown. Our Lady of Misery manhandled Dairy Sanders in stunning fashion, pulling the biggest upset of the season.

I gotta say, this feels great. It really feels like we’re about to storm back and recapture the vigor we once had to start the season.

I win, because I’m a winner. 127.94-82.94.


One could almost say that this was the biggest upset since the ’04 Pistons beat Kobe Byrant, Shaq, and the Lakers. Dairy Sanders just wasn’t ready for the heat that was Our Lady of Misery was bringing this week. It also didn’t help that his bench was not deep enough to keep pace.

“Real tough part has been watching my opponent, who was last place in the league, think he’s now bigger in the britches after one victory.” said Coach Malloy.  “But the universe will realign and he will return to perpetual mediocrity.”

It also didn’t help that  Devontae Freeman thought it would be a good idea to swing on grown man Aaron Donald, which led to his inevitable ejection.

Bad things are brewing in Atlanta.

Dairy Sanders looks to right the ship in week 8 as he goes up against My Balls Ertz.

Other Games of Note

Adrian Animals take down Free Schmurda 130.24-115.82

Danny Goodhead wins again over My Balls Ertz 108.72-101.66

Doc Sportello is crushed by Mixon Kush & OJ 75.42-127.86

adolf Oliver Bush rolls HotChubb TimeMachine 132.44-113.06

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