Fantasy Football Roundup: Coming Back Down

Well that was a shot to the crotch. The team performed, but could hold off the wave of points that the Animals produced. Leading the charge for the Animals was Green Bay running back, Aaron Jones who amassed 41.60 points.

“I should have known that Jamal Williams wasn’t going to put up the numbers I would need to win, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.”

The reality of it all, is that there was quite literally nothing I could have done, no other substitution I could have made to win the game. The only moves I could have made would have been to start Gardner Minshew over Russell Wilson, and Austin Hooper over George Kittle.

It’s safe to say at this point, that my team is straight doggy doo-doo, and everyone is playing second fiddle to someone.

I lose, 136.68-168.28. Eye-roll.

Danny Goodhead is the Taco of this league

For like the seventh straight week, Danny Goodhead has started Antonio Brown in his line up. Yes, you read that correctly. A guy who isn’t even in the league right now. He also wasn’t even starting a third receiver, this QB, RB, and kicker were all on byes which begs the questions. What’s going on over there?

Multiple attempts were made to reach the front office of the Goodheads, but it appears that the number was disconnected.

The only thing left to say is be careful, while nobody appears to be working, the line up with dangerous. Cooper Kupp, Julian Edelman, and Zeke form one of the best line ups right now. It’s a shame nobody is around to make sure that the line up is set.

Danny Goodhead 101.80, Mixon Kush & OJ 157.00

Other Games of Note

Dairy Sanders squashes  My Balls Ertz 158.18-83.50

Doc Sportello is back on track running past Adolf Oliver Bush 160.06-135.34.

And HotChubb TimeMachine stumbles and falls to Free Schurmda 118.46-127.48.

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