Doctors Appointment

He sat in the lobby waiting for his name to be called. It was eerily quite, and it was just him and the receptionist. His boredom grew immensely as he only had so much battery life left. He’d scrolled through Twitter numerous times, and he had finished all the Instagram stories that were available.

Five minutes passed, and he hadn’t been called back yet. He grabbed a magazine, Sports Illustrated. Flipping through the pages, he realized it was from 2 years ago. Setting it back on the pile, he thought to himself, “Patrick Star was right, the doctors office is the worst.”

Ten minutes, fifteen minutes, and still there he sat.

Finally, the nurse came around the corner and called his name. Getting up slowly from the seemingly most uncomfortable chair he’d ever sat in, he made his was down the hall and to exam room 4. She opened the door and asked that he undress, and told him the doctor would be in shortly.

“Yeah, like hell he will be…”

He saw on the exam bed in nothing but his underwear. Like a wide-eyed kid, he began rummaging through the drawers and the pamphlets trying to pass the time. As he was looking through some pamphlet on “How to have a healthy heart” he heard the doctor outside his door. He scrambled to put everything back where he found it.

As he hopped back on the exam bed, the doctor opened the door, and threw his chart down on the counter next to him. Looking at each other, the doctor exclaimed, “My goodness, look at you.”

He wasn’t sure how to take that, was it a compliment, or a snarky remark that he had gained a little bit of weight?

“You look different since last time I seen you.What have you been eating?”

There was his answer. He shrugged, and all he could say was his normal foods.

“Did they weigh you?”

He shook his head “no”. The doctor motioned to the metal scale. He stepped on the scale and took a deep breath. The doctor moved the balancing weight across, the numbers began increasing, 170, 180, 190, 200, 210…. 217.


“Step off for me…” the doctor said, “When was the last time you hit the treadmill?”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s a simple question, when was the last time you were on a treadmill. Walking, running… don’t matter.”

He had to think about that one. He knew it had been a while, but had it really been that long ago? “Uh.. I guess it’s been a few months..”

“A few months!? Are you sure?”

He was totally taken aback by this. He knew he wasn’t in the best of shape, but he didn’t think was that bad.

The door shook his head, and did his routine checks. As the doctor finished, he told him he could get dressed again. Turning to walk out the door, the doctor looked back and said, “hit the treadmill my friend….”


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