Fantasy Football Roundup: Hot and Cold

I’ll be honest here, I don’t know which is worse, the Lions defense or my fantasy football team. Neither seems to have found an identity. Both can be great, but neither has really been able to put the pieces together.

In this weeks match up, Our Lady of Misery decided they were going to come ready to play. They blew to doors off a seemingly much better HotChubb TimeMachine. The funny part of this whole thing, wasn’t that they won convincingly, but that some of the top performers were on the worst teams, Preston Williams, Devonta Parker, and Jamison Crowder.

I’ll take it though. Our Lady of Miser moves to 3-6 after a BIG win 174.62-122.70.

Adolf Oliver Bush cruises

The Bush’s get back on track in a Week 9 total domination of the Free Schmurda’s. It’s almost as if Free Schmurda didn’t even try. The game was never even close as the Bush’s continued to run up the score. The top performers were, Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, and Derrick Henry.

When asked about how he managed to get both Jones and Golladay on his team this year, coach/owner Joseph Richards said, “I’m about to change the name of the team to ‘Autodraft Daddy’.”

Let’s hope for all our sake, that does not happen.

Other games of note

Adrian Animals take over first place with 136.64-127.48 win over My Balls Ertz.

Mixon Kush & OJ down Dairy Sanders 186.94-102.70

Doc Sportello bounces back with monster win over Danny Goodhead 132.84-91.52.

Thank you so much for reading. Please be sure to check back next week for more of this disaster of a season.

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