Morning Cardio

*beep beep beep*

The stairs to nowhere began to roll along. He climbed one after the other to seemingly no end. That is, until time ran out, or his lung began to hurt because he would have trouble breathing.

He wore his sweatpants, and the warmest crew neck sweater he could find. He knew the sweat would be good for him, but little did he realize this would be no normal walk in the park, or stroll up the stairs at his office building. No, this would be the most brutal 15 minutes that he would endure.

He set the pace to 97 steps per minute. The first few minutes were easy, he thought to himself. He had the right music playing that willed him through when all else failed. He took a few sips of water, to quench his thirst. Then he hit the five minute mark, the breathing started to get heavier and the sips of water became more frequent.

He remember back to all the times he saw people on these things, and thought they looked goofy. And that it was stupid to climb stairs that lead nowhere. Little did realize the challenge it presented him. This wasn’t your grandmas treadmill, no, this stair master was created by the devil himself.

His grip on the rails became tighter, and he began to wince. His lungs began to hurt, but he powered through.

He looked up, at the time. Only 6 minutes had passed. “Oh God..” he thought. “Why did I do this to myself?” 

He put his head down, sweat began to drip from his nose. He reached for his water, but only to realize he drank it all.

“Ughhh…” he said verbally. Not wanting he stop he powers through. His sweat shirt darkened as it absorbed the sweat. He could feet droplets roll down his legs. His breathing got heavier. He slumped over a little more with every step. His vision started to blur.

Then, a beeping sound and the steps came to a halt. He had finished. Standing up straight he took a deep breath through his nose. He looked around to see if anyone was watching, but it was just he, the staff, and the few elderly folk trying to maintain an active lifestyle.

Getting down, he stood in front of what he now considers his worst enemy. Walking to the door, he told himself that he’d never do that again.

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