Fantasy Football Roundup: Comeuppance

I talked a BIG game in week two of this odd season in fantasy. After my week one dominance, my reign of terror was quickly haunted by Adolf Oliver Bush. But not this time. In our second go round, I final dished out the pounding that was promised from week two.  I mean just wiped the floors with him.

Even when my QB throws 4 INTs, and I had to switch Brandon Cooks out for.. *checks roster* Josh Reynolds in a last minute waiver pick up. My team came out and laid the wood.

It’s always darkest just before the dawn. My only hope is that we get off this weird hot/cold thing that we’ve been on for the last 4 weeks and go on a tear that leads right to the playoffs. And eventually a championship.

Our Lady of Misery bends Adolf Oliver Bush their knee and gave him the whooping he deserved, 145.60-90.42.

Mixon Kush & OJ, cyberbully

He doesn’t say much. Sometime you wonder if he even sets his line ups. He lurks in the shadows and makes you think that you’ve won. But just when you least expect it, MK&O takes your back and has you in submission before the 1 pm games are done.

When asked how the his team has been able to perform at such a high level, his only comment was, “we’re on to Free Schmurda.” The only acceptable response from the reigning champ.

Mixon Kush & OJ  sends HottChubb TimeMachine home cry to mom 182.20-115.44.

Other games of note

Free Schmurda continues on over My Balls Ertz 160.54-92.82

Adrian Animals put a hurtin’ on Doc Sportello 129.58-79.56

And Danny Goodhead once again from the top rope, best Dairy Sanders 151.48-111.56.

Tune in next week to see the playoff preview.

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