The Five Date Rule

She was out to lunch on a chilly, fall Saturday afternoon after she and her bestie Brandy’s mid-morning yoga session. Sitting across from each other they had their usual conversation about the work week, their other friend who were married with kids, and if either of them had any new men in their lives.

“Oh nothing too serious,” Brandy responded. “I’ve been kind of talking this guy, and we are really starting to make a connection I feel.”

Brandy proceeded to describe this guy, and said that they had only been out one time, but that he was super nice and seemed to stay engaged the whole time. She set down her mimosa and began to pry a little more. “So like, he let’s you talk about anything you want essentially? He doesn’t talk about himself? Where can I find me one of them?”

Brandy gave an excited smile and explained that he would talk a little bit, but he remained focused on her. “He basically allowed me to be myself, which is very rare for guys these days.”

“Get it girl!” she exclaimed as they clinked glasses. “Just don’t give in too easily. He may seem great now, but once you giveĀ it up, there’s no telling what can happen.”

Confused, Brandy took a sip of her mimosa and questioned what she meant.

“So, there’s this thing. The five date rule,” she began to explain. “I read about it in Cosmo. It’s really helped narrow down the real ones and the fake ones.”

“You’ve already had one date, so you’ve got four more before you decide to… ya know…. get freak-ayyyyy.”

She began to explain how Brandy could still be flirtatious, but make him work for it at the same time. The rules were simple, coffee dates, lunch or dinner on dates 1 and 2. No going out twice in one week. Date three she can start to be a little more physical, but no going crazy. She can have like his arm around her, and hold hands.

Date four is when she can kiss him, but NO going back to either of their apartments for a night cap until date five, regardless of how well the date went.

“I like it,” Brandy said. “But what if I give in before date 5?”

She paused, and said, “You will burn in hell for all eternity.”

Bursting into laughter she said she was joking, and said that she could end up feeling hurt should he disappear not too long after. But that she will be there for her should that ever happen.




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