Thanksgiving Eve

It was the night before Thanksgiving. What some call the biggest bar night of the year. It was just after 9 pm and he had just gotten back to his parents house after a nice quite dinner. Wanting to try something new this year, he texted his best friend and former college roommate Bobby asking him what the move was.

“Wait… you’re actually gonna come out this year!?” Bobby texted back.

“Yea lol.” he replied.

“Bet dude! We’re all meeting up at O’Shea’s tonight around 10.”

As he got ready, his dad stood in the doorway of his room and asked if we was still planning on waking up to play football in the morning.

“Yeah, I’ll be good.” he replied.

“Alright, just be careful,” his dad said as he turned and walked away.

He finished getting dressed, grabbed his coat from the chair and keys from the counter. And headed out the door. Getting in his car he couldn’t help but be just a tad bit excited to see everyone, though he’d never actually hung out with any of them before.

He pulled out his phone, and texted Bobby, “On my way.”

Heading downtown, he blasted music he was listening to back in high school. Pulling into the parking lot. He parked in the back. Sitting in his car, he started to get nervous. Bobby was a little more social than he was, so sticking with his best friend was to key to having a rather successful night.

Getting out of his car he walked in. The place was packed. Literally everyone he knew from high school was there. He got on his tip toes to look over everyone, to try and find Bobby.

Unable to find his friend, he walked over to the bar where he would remain the majority of the night. Ordering a Bud Light, he sat there and drank quietly.

As he was watching the Sportscenter highlights, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked and it was his high school crush.

“Oh my god, heyyyy! I thought that was you,” she said.

“Hey, how it’s going?” He replied.

She shrugged and said things were alright. Being an adult wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, but thankful that she had a job.

“So, what are you up to these days?” she asked.

“Oh you know. Work, gym, eating, sleeping. The usual.”

She looked at him, and down and her drink, “Are you seeing anyone?”

He smiled and laughed, then he shook his head no. He really hadn’t been looking to get into a relationship. His main focus had been establishing his career, and looking to get back into shape.

Shocked, she started to ask him why, but was interrupted by a drunk Bobby.

“What are you two love birds going on about?” he sarcastically asked and he draped his arms around their shoulders.

“Just catching up, man,” he answered. “Where ya been? I was looking for you when I got here.”

“Oh ya know, I been around. Bartender!” Bobby shouted. “Three tequila shots!”

He shook his head no, and reminded his friend that he had to be able to play football in the morning. Bobby, not pleased, placed his hands on his friends shoulders and pleaded with him until he gave in.

The drinks started to flow, and he began to get tunnel vision. The girl he had a crush on since freshman year was still hanging around. She even dragged him on the dance floor. They laughed, they danced, and they hugged. She pulled him in close, their eyes locked on one another.

Before their lips touched, he gagged. And then he leaned to the side and threw up all over the dance floor.

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