Fantasy Football Roundup: Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah


Man oh man! This week went down to the wire, and just when when I thought all hope was lost, I realized that I still had Russell Wilson and Jason Myers still to play on Monday Night Football. Boy did them come through in the clutch.

The game started with Tarik Cohen only getting me 7.5 points. You would think, that the fact that he was playing the Lions, that he would put up points, but no. And Kenyan Drake didn’t have have any better numbers, so I guess there are worse things in this world. I thank God for DeVante Parker and Jack Doyle, though. Smart move on my part to start Doyle over Kittle.

In the end, Our Lady of Misery tops Mixon Kush & OJ 153.10-147.52

Playoff Push

For the ninth week in a row, the Adrian Animals notch another blowout win. This time over Dairy Sanders. It does feel like they have peaked a little too soon and could have it all wiped away as soon as the playoff start.

Adrian Animals will remain the number one seed even if he were to lose. Mixon Kush & OJ and Adolf Oliver Bush are tied for 3rd, while Dairy Sanders and Free Schmurda are hanging in there tied for fifth. Our Lady of Misery and Doc Sportello fight it out for sixth place and the final playoff spot. Should OLM win, they will get in due to the tiebreaker being total points.

It all comes down to this final week, the fight for positioning. Who gets in, and who can carry momentum to the championship? Stay tuned.

Other Games of Note

Doc Sportello runs through Free Schmurda 121.06 to 78.26.

Adolf Oliver Bush curb stomps Adolf Oliver Bush 164.22 to 93.56.

Danny Goodhead handles HotChubb TimeMachine 141.80 to 122.04.

Adrian Animals proves Dairy Sanders to be a beta by big timing him 139.44 to 107.14.

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