Fantasy Football Roundup: Dust in the Wind

Insert the .gif of George Michael from Arrested Development walking with his head down. This season did not, at all go according to plan. In some ways you could say that I’m the Bob Quinn of this league. Had one promising year, and sub-par the follow seasons.

I should have trusted my gut and subbed in Ryan Tannehill. He had the hot hand, and he’s been one of the best since coming in to save the Titans’ season. Instead, I sought advice from a family member whom I trust, and was told to Russell Wilson in. The last of a mistake ridden season. This is beyond depressing, and the fanbase is now calling for my head.

So how you go about reversing the run of bad luck? Do I lose in the consolation bracket? That only makes matters worse. Do I win? That’s like polishing a turd. It may be shiny, but it’s still a turd. So I’m between a rock and a hard place here. Just as long as I don’t end up in last I’ll be content, I’ll be content I guess.

Doc Sportello bests Our Lady of Misery, 112.58-101.70. *sad trombone*

The Real Season Begins

In an astonishing turn of events, Adrian Animals go from worst to first and take the number one seed and the first round bye. Maybe tanking was the move after all…

The number two seed, and also on a bye this week, Mixon Kush & OJ. This one is no surprise since they are one of the more consistent teams in this league and always a shoe-in for the playoffs.

Adolf Oliver Bush, the three seed takes on number six Doc Sportello in a rematch from week 8. Doc Sportello was victorious in the contest and there’s no doubt that the Bush’s are chomping at the bit to get their revenge.

The other Quarterfinal match pits Dairy Sanders against a Free Schmurda team that has been a middle of the road team all year. This game is a rematch from week 6, where the Sander’s curb stomped the Schmurda’s 162.34-108.86.

The rest of the field, I’m sure you can figure out.


The 3 vs. 6 game is intriguing. Sportello went on a two game win streak to outlast a charging Our Lady of Misery team. However, I do believe that the auto draft king, Adolf Oliver Bush will beat Doc Sportello. The roster is too deep. Put money on Doc Spotello at +12.5 right now before the line moves.

The 4 vs. 5 match up is an interesting one. Vegas has this game at Dairy Sanders -3, and I would stay far, far away. Neither team really holds a real advantage, as they’re evaluated evenly. Expect the game to go down to the wire, but Dairy Sanders pulls through in the end.

Well folks, we are coming down to the end of the season. Only two more weeks left before this poopy flavored lollipop of a season is over. Who will be crowned King? Do the Adrian Animals claim their first title? Does Mixon Kush & OJ go back to back? Check back to find out.

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