Fantasy Football Roundup: 200 on a bye week

Hello folks, the time is winding down and there are only two more games left in a season which, to be honest, was just as worthless as the Lions. We won some games, and we lost some. One of us rose from the ashes that was the bottom of the league, and others (me), fell from grace and were banished to the shadow realm.

Some of us drafted wisely via auto-draft, some took too the waiver wire to acquire their assets, and others poured over mock draft, after mock draft in order to land the perfect line-up.

I’m still not convinced Nick is running his own team.

And as a side note, I would have whooped all y’all asses because my team put up two hunnit on a bye week. So naturally this means I’ll get my teeth kicked in this week.

Semis, Fifth Place, and Consolation. Oh My!

This past weekend was met with some hard fought battles, Dairy Sanders vanquished Free Schmurda, and the Adolf Oliver Bush prevailed against Doc Sportello. The Sanders’ and the Bush’s advance to play the Animals and OJ’s. While Schmurda and Sportello play for 5th place and bragging rights in their friendship.

The Animals take on the Sanders in an exciting 1 v 4 match-up, while the OJ’s take on the Bush’s in the 2 v 3. The Animals have come out of the gate firing on all cylinders. They were verbally decapitating other teams with unwarranted insults via the group chat.

This is awfully bold for a team who couldn’t seem to get out of its own way for the past three seasons. And if history has taught us anything, it’s don’t poke the bear.

Mixon Kush & OJ, the silent killer, let’s his players do the talking. So don’t expect much excitement to come from that game.

In the consolation match-ups, which is the only reason y’all a reading this. Danny Goodhead takes on My Balls Ertz in a snoozer of a 7 v 10 game. And in the main event, OLOM takes on HottChubb TimeMachine in a 8 v 9 game for the ages. Expect this game


Dairy sanders (+6) exorcises their demons and beat the Animals and advance to the finals .

Mixon Kush & OJ (-4) scootches past Adolf Oliver Bush, and lands back in the finals.

Sportello (+2) earns bragging rights over Schmurda.

My Balls Ertz continues their downward spiral falling to the Goodheads(-12).

And OLOM gets worked, over and back, up and down, by HottChubb TimeMachine (+2 1/2).

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