The Back Hallway

Jake’s phone buzzed in his pocket. A text had come through from Carrie, a girl he had been flirting with heavily. He pulled his phone out and saw the message.

“Meet me in the back hallway?”

He immediately raise his hand, “Ms. Bridgeman, can I please use the restroom?”

He had interrupted the lesson, but he didn’t care his mind was now focused on what would go down in the back hallway.

“I don’t know, can you?” the teacher answered back.

The kids in the class giggled, and he rolled his eyes. “May I?”

She handed him the hall pass and he was out.

“Omw. Which one are we going to?” he texted her.

“The one by the science rooms,” she answered.

The school had 6 staircases. Four of them were used at every class change, the other two were all but left alone. There was zero foot traffic, which meant there was no risk of getting caught, and a place where nobody got caught meant that there would be some solid necking.

He arrived at in the staircase, and Carrie arrive shortly after. She was coming from the band room… on the opposite side of the school.

As she rounded the corner, he leaned against the wall. Getting close, she put her arms around his neck and violently started kissing. The sound of heavy breathing echoed through the staircase.

Unknowingly, the vice principle, Mr. Skinner, was roaming the halls. He was doing his routine fifth period stroll in his attempt to catch kids skipping class, or doing something that they clearly should not have been.

As he neared the the staircase where the two were engaging in “extra-curricular activities”, he could hear what sounded like heavy breathing, and some soft laughing..

“Who’s back there!?” he said.

Standing still with their hands over their mouths. Jake motioned to Carrie to go up the stairs and out the double doors at the top and he would take the fall.

“I’m not going to ask again..”

She shook her head ‘no’, but did as Jake had said. She quietly made her way up the second set of stairs and through the doors that lead past the rooms where English-Lit classes were held.

Mr. Skinner rounded the corner and found Jake sitting on the steps messing with his phone. Standing at the bottom, he put his hands on his hips and asked, “Where are you supposed to be?”

“Uh… the bathroom?” Jake answered.

“Get down here and give me your phone.”

Rolling his eyes, Jake got up and walked down the stairs. Reaching the bottom, he handed his phone.

“Who else was with you? And don’t tell me it was just you back here…”

“I promise you, it was just me..”

Not buying it. Mr. Skinner looked at Jake and asked, “You’re supposed to be in Ms. Bridgeman’s class, right? Come with me. You’re finishing the rest of the day in ISS and tomorrow.”

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