Nightmare Neighbor

He lay in bed, eyes closed, but unable to fall asleep. The sound of the TV in the unit above his blasts loudly through the floor as if he were in the same room.

“I can’t do this anymore..” he thought to himself.

This had been going on since the people had moved in. The loud phone conversations, the stomping around, the slamming of drawers, the opening and closing of doors. It was all starting to get to him. This was all happening well after 11 pm, and on week nights.

He had to be up at 6 am to go to work, but it was going to be another sleepless night. That is, until the person above decided it was time to turn in for the night.

The bass from the what had to have been the sound bar shook the walls. He opened one eye to check his phone, 11:14 pm.

Putting in his passcode, he opened his texts.

“I can’t. This is getting ridiculous. I can’t wait for someone to send out an email as a reminder to be courteous to others at night…..”

“It can’t be that bad, c’mon.” his roommate texted back.

Setting his phone down, he tried to wait it out. But the noise seemed endless.

Looking at the time,  it was 11:37 pm. Well past a reasonable time to be watching a movie, and having a conversation on speakerphone during the week.

“I’m going up there” was the last text he sent.

Leaving his phone on the bed, he got up and got dressed. Putting on a beanie, he walked out of his room and out the door without saying a word.

Walking up the concrete steps, he replayed how he envisioned this would all go down. He never really had a temper, and it wasn’t often that little annoyances got to him. But this had really pushed him over the limit.

He got to the landing of the second floor. Standing in front of the door, he channeled all of his anger into his knock.

With his fist he pounded on the door 5 times so the entire apartment block could hear. A couple seconds passed, then there was an answer.

“Hello? Who is it?” a voice called through the door.

The door didn’t open like he had hoped it would, but he still tried to get his point across.

“Yeah, it  ‘s the person that lived beneath you!” he shouted.



The second floor tenant tried to play it off as if no one lived below.

Fed up he finally said, “YOU EITHER TURN IT DOWN, OR I COME BACK UP HERE.”

A couple seconds passed, then finally, “Okay, yeah. Sure.”

As he turned to walk back down stairs, his heart was racing and he started to shake with rage. He opened the door to his apartment and went straight to his room. He sat in bed for a bit to try and clam himself down. Taking deep breaths, he could feel his heart rate slowing, and his eyelids getting heavier.

Laying down, he closed his eyes. He could still hear the TV and movement, but he let it slide. Jail was not a place he wanted to end up no matter how quiet he was sure it was.

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