The Long Shot

“Have a seat..”, coach said.Pausing for a moment, he looked at the kid, “I gotta be honest with you kid. I don’t think you have what it takes to be on this team.”

Crushed, he looked back at the coach, “But I’ve done everything you asked me to do. I work harder than every other guy out there.”

Coach, pursing his his lips looked down at his notes, put on his glasses and read aloud, “is too short…. an OK dribbler, needs to work on his shot, good defense, hustles, doesn’t remember plays too well…”

Looking at the coach, he pleaded his case. He told the him that he would do anything. He would even show up before school for shooting practice if it meant he could be apart of the team.

“I’m sorry, I can see that you have heart, and I love that in a player. But I just don’t see where this is even a possibility…. I’m sorry.”

In a last stitch effort to try to convince the coach to put him on the team, he blurted out, “I’ll be the team manager.”

Knowing that the team manager was basically a glorified waterboy, he figured it was his only shot at being on the team. Letting out a deep breath, coach hung his head, looking up at the kid he said,”You don’t quit do you?”

“No sir,” he replied.

“IF, I let you be the team manager this means you can practice with the team and that’s it. You go when I say go, you stop when I say stop. No funny business, your main objective is to make the team better. Got it?”

Standing up, and reaching his hand out to shake the coaches hand, he exclaimed, “Yes sir. Thank you so much, I won’t let you down. You’ll see what I can do.”

As he headed towards the door, he turned back and said, “you won’t regret this!”

Sitting back in his chair, coach mumbled under his breath, “I already do..”


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