Stuck inside together

Six weeks had passed since the stay at home order had been put into place, and what was supposed to have been a one week sleepover turned into an almost two month invasion of personal space. Her one bedroom apartment was not big enough to escape the everlasting feeling of being on top of one another, but neither knew when he would be allowed to leave.

“Hey babe,” he called from the bathroom. “Can you bring me a towel?”

Rolling her eyes, she paused the episode of New Girl that she had seen about four times already and walked over to the closet.

Handing him the towel, he told her that he was going to try and get some work done and was going to need her to hop off the WiFi.

“How long are you going to need?”she asked.

Shrugging his shoulders he said, “not long. Maybe a couple of hours..”

Throwing her head back and letting out a long and exaggerated “ughh”, turned off the TV, and walked over to the bedroom face planting on the bed.

“Love youuuu…” he called from the kitchen.

All she could think about was how badly she wanted him to leave, regardless of how many times they had talked about moving in together. Rolling over, she grabbed her iPad and starting scrolling through Pintrest trying to find some DiY things to keep her busy while she wasn’t working.

“Hey, can you hop off the WiFi, please? My laptop is running really slow right now.”

Turning the iPad off, she grabbed a throw pillow and covered her face and screamed. She was being driven crazy. It was always, do this, don’t do that. She had finally had enough. She got up from the bed and marched over to kitchen table.

Slamming his laptop shut, she laid into him.

“I’m getting sick and tired of you barking orders at me. I’m not your maid, or your mother. I am your girlfriend, and you are a grown ass man. At least, I think you are. I really don’t sometimes.”

Looking back at her, he just sat there wide-eyed and speechless.

“I thought in the beginning, this would be a fun little test drive before we actually move in together, but if this is how things are going to go, I don’t want to.”

He looked down, and felt pretty embarrassed that he had let things get this way. “I’m sorry, I thought you enjoyed me being here.”

Putting her hand on her forehead, she said “I do, I just hate how you’ve become so lazy since being here.”

She pulled the chair out next to him and continued on.

“You cook, and don’t wash our dishes. So I end up doing them. You leave your clothes all over the ground, or right in front of the hamper. It’s like you don’t even see it, when it’s quite literally right there.”

Reaching for her hand he said, “I’m sorry. I really am. I will try harder. I guess I just forgot what it was like living with someone.”

“It’s okay, but it’s also NOT okay. Like you have to step, or I will kick you out. I’m not even joking.”

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