So, what are we?

"I really thought you were different. Turns out you're just more of the same."


Fantasy Football Roundup: Hot and Cold

I'll be honest here, I don't know which is worse, the Lions defense or my fantasy football team. Neither seems to have found an identity. Both can be great, but neither has really been able to put the pieces together. In this weeks match up, Our Lady of Misery decided they were going to come … Continue reading Fantasy Football Roundup: Hot and Cold

A Night Out Pt. 1

He'd never really been big on going out since he graduated, and thought that since it had been a while he'd finally take his friends up on their offer to go out.There's wasn't a particular reason he stopped going out, to him, it just lost its luster having to overpay for terrible drinks. Dressed in … Continue reading A Night Out Pt. 1