Thanksgiving Eve

It was the night before Thanksgiving. What some call the biggest bar night of the year. It was just after 9 pm and he had just gotten back to his parents house after a nice quite dinner. Wanting to try something new this year, he texted his best friend and former college roommate Bobby asking … Continue reading Thanksgiving Eve

Fantasy Football Roundup: Comeuppance

I talked a BIG game in week two of this odd season in fantasy. After my week one dominance, my reign of terror was quickly haunted by Adolf Oliver Bush. But not this time. In our second go round, I final dished out the pounding that was promised from week two.  I mean just wiped … Continue reading Fantasy Football Roundup: Comeuppance

Fantasy Football Roundup: NOT IN LAST

I don't often look for silver linings. Mostly because in my line of work silver linings are meaningless and evil. They create a false hope that things couldn't possibly get worse. To be truthful, they can. I SEENT IT. But, it when comes to fantasy I will take any moral victory I can get because … Continue reading Fantasy Football Roundup: NOT IN LAST