Whoa. I know, it's been a while, but here we are doing it thing again. I'm gonna ease back into things and start off a little different than the typical blog post. I'm going to give you guys my proprietary chili recipe. It's fall here in the Midwest and you know what that means, it's … Continue reading RECIPE: Chili

Work Day Chronicles: Morning Routine

*7:00 am alarm goes off* He peels his eyes open to his dark room. He grabs his phone off the nightstand to silence it. There weren't many notifications from the night before, just a final score alert, and a text from his girlfriend saying "good morning." He texted her back, and proceeded to open Twitter … Continue reading Work Day Chronicles: Morning Routine

Work Day Chronicles: March Madness

There were no TVs at his office, other than the one in the lunch room which was two floors below him. And his work computer had blocked live streaming because that one time he was watching the Lions play their Monday Night game when he was supposed to be working. It was his late night, … Continue reading Work Day Chronicles: March Madness