Hey y'all. It's been a while. I'm sorry I haven't written a whole lot. With this whole thing that's been going on, it's been next to impossible to try and even be creative in coming up with my next blog post, or an old story about thing that hapened many years ago. It's not that … Continue reading Quarantine

Office Christmas Partying

They all stood around. There was an awkward silence that filled the room. Nobody was really sure of what to say or do other than drink the beer/wine that they were provided. Mostly because no one in the office ever actually talked/hung out outside of work. Finally, the CEO walked up to the little stage … Continue reading Office Christmas Partying

Work Day Chronicles: Morning Routine

*7:00 am alarm goes off* He peels his eyes open to his dark room. He grabs his phone off the nightstand to silence it. There weren't many notifications from the night before, just a final score alert, and a text from his girlfriend saying "good morning." He texted her back, and proceeded to open Twitter … Continue reading Work Day Chronicles: Morning Routine

Work Day Chronicles

The hands on the clock cannot move fast enough. 5 minutes... 10 minutes... 15 minutes... He sits idle staring at his dual monitor work computer. On one screen, the local newspaper website is open. Scrolling mindlessly through the headlines trying to find something interesting to read to pass the time. "Read that... Yawn... A new … Continue reading Work Day Chronicles